Monday, 28 December 2009

with 麗瑛 ~

Went out today to meet up with Lai Ying ~

She was late.
So was I though.
But not as late ~

we met up in ChinaTown, and didn't exactly know where to go ...

But we got bubble tea ^^
And, dammn, she drinks fast ~
It was really cold >____________<

AND we both had our LOMOs.
'cause we're that cool ^^

We went yumcha as well ~
Because we found out that dimsum does not finish until around 5~ ^^

And ofcourse being with LaiYing meant photo taking ...
The toilets just had to be free of everyone else =_______________="

But she is too cute ~ especially when she speaks cantonese ^^

Oh, and we were gonna call our friend from soompi ~ but didn't .________.

Off topic:
My battery charger died but only because of the wire broke ~ was gonna get a new one plus an external harddrive, but my dad bought it along to my uncle when we visited, and he fixed it, plus he showed me his collection of lomos. ^^
And I got a harddrive yesterday ^^


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

lobster party && 打邊爐

before it's the 23rd >_____________<
lobster partyyy xD
in chinatown xD

meeh, i didn't take any photos though; had my phone but its only 2mp ...

most of the photos are on facebook;
we celebrated selina's birthay this day; with a cake from patisserie valerie xD
it was £30, and we had to split the costs along with the camera, so it was roughly £10 each ...

here is the cake for selina ~

the day of the 打邊爐 ~

we had to spend money on the birthday gifts & birthday cake for wing & sally ~
and money for the food T__________T"

and here's the cake for sally & WHLiu [kekeke]
i'm so fat ¬¬"

Because these 2 events were asian, we played big 2 most the time, and mahjong at wing's place.

Wing said that after meeting at 12, and buying the food & etc in china town we would get to his house around 2~ish, and Sky randomly said, lets get there at 1:59PM ^^

We also left his house at 9:59PM, because Wing said he would kick us out at 10 ~

oh, and throughout the day we were constantly playing korean songs ^^

listen to my heartbeat ~~♫


[p.s. the photos were taken off facebook from my awesome friends] 

Friday, 18 December 2009


for the past two days.
but it didn't settle.
oh wells.

Last day of school today xD
gave my friend his wallet ^^ lmao; my other friend gave him boxers which says 'ride my chopper' on them, lmao~
and she did a wicked drawing of sora from kingdom hearts xD

Despite the fact that school was gonna end at 12:30 today, I went home at 11:10 ish?
meeeh, had double physics, period 3 study and cancelled geography xD

Oh,, and I failed that biology test T____T"

My brother also nearly gave me a heart attack today [indirectly]
He changed my dbsk desktop wallpaper to something else yesteday evening thinking I was gonna go on it again yesterday but I didn;t ... came home from school today went on and still didn't notice because I didn't minimise any of the windows until I was about to go upstairs and then bam.


I immediately maximised the window, and just quickly went looking for an okay wallpaper for a substitute.


My dad was using my laptop today this morning, and thought that I changed it to something that hideous =__________________="

oh whys.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


We're were learning about hearts and stuff in biology ~
and everytime my teacher says something about 'heartbeat, I feel like dancing to 2PM's hearbeat.
But thank god we;re moving on from the topic ... or else I will not be able to concentrate.

Went oxford street today ~
Bought a wallet for my friend, it's all good xD

Ahhhh, zipia has sent my stuff xD
It's all good ~ except one of them is out of stock ¬¬"
oh wells.

Biology test tomorrow on lungs.
Fun fun fun.

Monday, 14 December 2009


。。。for the rest of the year;
dec. 15th  ___ half day; enfield town possibly [need to get bday present ~] [oxford str. instead]
dec. 18th  ___ last day of school; ice skating at ally pally possibly nada. too cold >_____<
dec. 20th  ___ last day of chinese school; selina's lobster party sik fan in chinatown
dec. 21st  ___ possibly westfield with buana && ryssa; need to make up for friday ~
dec. 22nd ___ hotpot/mahjong; 打邊爐/打麻將 at WHLiu's place.
dec. 25th  ___ sik fan at 麻麻's house ^^
dec. 26th  ___ uncle's house. western dinner ^^

dec. 28th  ___ somewhere with laiying possibly went china town ^^
dec. 31st  ___ go central? fireworks maybe?

[and do mechanics/physics all the other days] 


Did the C1 mock test today ^^
it wasn't proper though ....
Also my friend from chinese school in yr11 is doing his C1 in January, while I'm doing mine in June [only because my school doesn't do modules... ] Can't believe some yr 11 is gonna take their C1 before me ¬¬"

Anddddd.... I got 34 on my physics ISA. [out of 41 ... ]
my teacher used the boundaries from last year's papers; and 34 is just a B. =|
37 and over is an A.
Was kinda happy, because out of all my practices I never got this high anyways ... never knew that the ISA boundaries this year compared to GCSE is this high.
Must try harder. ¬¬"

Oh, and I've got a confirmation letter from Zipia, saying they have received my payment ^^
Hopefully they get my stuff and send it off soon =]

Saturday, 12 December 2009


ahhhh, got a C1? mock next monday ... not a proper one, only from chapter 2 to 5 ;
and a biology exam >___________<

I dissected a sheep's  heart yesterday, it was all good fun; and to be honest, it felt like a lump of meat ¬¬"
but I wasn't able to dissect a dead rat though, I saw the pictures and I felt sick, they had screwdrivers holding the arms and legs down ... my other friend who didn't dissect the rat with me, couldn't take the heart dissection yesterday >____< I thought it'd be bad and disgusting but it was all, except for the fact the heart was freezing cold. Also my friend's dead rat had 8 babies waiting to be born T____T" [I can't believe they gave her a dead pregnant rat.]

I have a feeling I did quite well[?] in my physics ISA, but I could be wrong, the smart people in my class found it a bit hard >_____<

I am gonna spend a lot this christmas >_________<
Got to buy;;
☆a wallet for a friend [even though he doesn't want it ¬¬"]
☆chip in £10 for a instax camera for a friend's bday
☆chip in £? for another friend's bday
☆might spend some more if i'm buying christmas presents for friends ...
☆and £5-£10 for a secret santa present ~

Even with EMA, I fail with money. Even if it's not a lot.

[oh, and possibly save up for a summer'1o trip to hong kong/korea/japan with the lovely chinese school standing crew ^^, except i'm sure that will fail like any other plans i've made to go to those countries... ]

Can't wait for my half day this tuesday xD
Awards ceremony at my school, and sixth formers don't have to go.
Also a half day on friday xD Last day of term, might go ice skating [more money to be spent .___. ]

[picture from photobucket]
[dammit, the picture got deleted ¬¬"
and that was such a beautiful picture of him T___________T"]
This guy is my new love <3333
apart from jaejoong [who will always be my love ^^]
He is Jung Yonghwa from the band C.N.Blue and the amaaaazing drama 'You're Beautiful'
I still have to finish watching it >______< he's amaaazing, but I already know that the Minam is gonna end up with Taekyung [the second dude never gets the girl in a k drama ...]

Sad atm, because I heard that bigeastation was gonna end, that means no more junko >______<
and their random talks  =[

Monday, 30 November 2009


I dunno if this is random or normal, but I found it quite jokes;;


I found it really amusing.

and that's my post for the day ~

Sunday, 29 November 2009


just cut my fringe.
by myself.

pffft. it was a total fail.


on the other hand,, chinese school was jokes ^^
love our standing crew xD

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

diana mini.

got my diana mini todayy;
despite the fact i only ordered on monday, and got dispatched yesterday XD

it's all cute and tinyy;
and according to the photobook[?]
the camera is female.

haven't loaded any film into it yet ...
i don't really have any;
welll, i've only got film from few years back and expired in 2006 =]
sad times~


Friday, 12 June 2009


my mum came down;
quite an achievement;
she said something about if you stay up you will age quickly;
and she went back to sleep.

oh wells.

sleep deprived.

it is now o4:17am in the morning, as the clock states in the right bottom corner of my laptop. xD

now it's o4:18~

i wonder how long i can stay awake until my mum wakes up and shouts at me.

last time, it was around 5 something xD
but that was because i was in my brother/cousin's room.
haha. i was watching pimp my ride on mtv, and playing the computer while they were sleeping.
eh. unfortunately my mum woke up to go to the toilet, and she found me still awake =___=
my plan would have worked if he didn't need to go to the toilet.

it's not like i;m not doing anything productive.
i'm revising physics xD
oh yeah. i'm sooo cool ^^
for once i'm not procrastinating.

hmmm. maybe i just function well in the early morning xD
because i can't actually revise until around 9pm.

normal routine~
wake up;
go to school;
come back from school;
------------------- [after this part => second half of daily routine xD]
homework/ revision;
and maybe if i have time, then internet again xD

so in my daily life, i procrastinate alot[?]
if i'm on holiday or something; i would still keep the second part of my routine the same, in the morning i would probably sleep until 11am or something;
then eat;
internet and then add that to the second part. and that;s my life really.

oh wells.
i don't have an exam tomorrow; which is good, or else i wouldn't be up this late =____="

and now i'm having a break from revising.
but my exam is not until 2 weeks later.
i find this is quite an achievement; i've never revised that early in advance. which is kinda bad. and even worse, because it's towards the end of my gcses.

oh, and because this post is kinda boring. i thought it might 'spice' it up a bit if i put a picture of jaesu up


just look at the intimacy between them;
and are they holding hands?
this is just blantant proof.
forget all the other amazing proof on yunjae.

JAESU is .

i think i'm rambling on a bit too much.
maybe because i need sleep?
haha. not really, because i got out of bed yesterday at 3:30pm. ahaha. even my brother and sister came home from school.
so technically staying up this late is not really bad.
just shifting my daily routine a few hours late. ^^

and i'm just listening away to my DBSK songs xD
slightly depressed atm; because kiss shita mama sayonara has been played at least thrice in the last hour. and it's on shuffle. although i do love that song.

and i realised i just wrote a lot of crap writing. which makes sense.
and i don't actually wanna stop.
i like the tapping noises on the laptop as i type away.

hmmmm.. i think i should stop now.
oh wells.
good night. xD
minna san~ oyasuminasai ~ [feeling in a japanese mode?]
but i'm not technically gonna sleep yet.
kinda bored actually.
no new updated statuses on facebook. i think it's mainly because no one's online.
i thought about playing restaurant city, but technically i don't have to do anything, just make them either be a cooker or a waiter or sometimes a cleaner, move the furniture which is blocking the door, and off it goes.

it's o4:40am.
woah. it's been atleast 20 minutes since i started this post.
did i really type 20 minutes worth of writing?

eh. i;m kinda bored now.
i think imma go make some of the texts be all pretty and colourful. be right back.

aish. it's 4:51am atm.
i'm sure i didn't spend 10 minutes just 'colouring' in the text.

wow. and i've just realised that HUG in nihongo doesn't really sound weird.
the international version on the other hand . . .
let's just say i haven't even finished listening to the whole song.

oh yeah.
and after watching dbsk on oshareism for the nth time;
i've realised that i really like yoochun's bag.
i even googled it on google [well duh...]
and it's quite expensive T-T"
it's from a company called ALVIERO MARTINI.
the name sounds impressive already~
so i should start saving up;

and for the mirotic 4th live tour concert dvd and the secret code 4th live tour when it comes out;
even though i;ve already seen the mirotic one on youtube. not the full version though. because all of it wasn;t shown on that japanese channel. that did that on purpose, so we must buy the dvd to see the rest. quite a good plan for getting money from SM.
i swear i'm gonna be so poor because of the marketing strategies from SMent.

and now it's 5:06am.
after writing that second part, and 'colouring' it in as well.



Thursday, 21 May 2009


Been a long time since I've posted. On study-leave, need to revise, but I really can't.
And it's german tomorrow =.=

OH wells.

oooh, I've been addicted to FIRE by 2NE1, and It's you [너라고] by Super Junior.
I'm trying to learn the chorus for it's you. It's so fast. =.=

And YEHSUNG is too fit for words.
Just look at him.

Btw I haven't actually watched the mv for it's you, I'm just gonna go watch it now for yehsung and try to singalong to the chorus XD


오 난 그 누가 누가 뭐래도"

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

cds, dvds, etc.

AHHHH; no time at the moment;
but i'll be back and update this post along with the others XD

mental note to self: this post is about the cds received, and the love for yesasia XD

広がってゆく Funkination"

Monday, 27 April 2009


save this post for today XD

a special day in my heart <3

The fourth year since they debuted in Japan.
I am so proud of them; and they're already on the fourth album XD

I hope their live tour will be a success;
and when it comes out on DVD, I will definitely buy it to support them;
just don't know if I could buy the Japan version =.=
---japanese version is the most expensive out of their merchandise;

oh wells, when the time comes, I will decide;
and I will definitely buy the MIROTIC live tour as well XD

사랑해 사랑해 널 사랑해 "

Sunday, 26 April 2009

share the world.

guess what people XD
i received my CD + DVD share the world single from CDJAPAN;
first time buying from them XD;

i'll upload pictures later;

the outside XD

the inside XD

and the card~~~

its YUNHO <3>I don't really mind getting this card, although I really wanted Jaejoong >.<>
I;m still content XD

あの大空に 届くまで "

Friday, 17 April 2009

choi jong hun <3

i'm in love with CHOI JONG HUN now, from FTISLAND.

I think it was because I feell in love with his voice in 그대와 나 [one of their songs from their mini album]

Oh, and because they were on TVB[chinese channel], 首爾分高下 BOOM BOOM BA SEOUL SPECIAL;
Lol, it was really funny, because I was already excited that it was in korea, then at the start of the program,they said something like 'get to know korean music' so I was bare hyped, then a screenshot of 5 korean boys flashed past, and eventhough I couldn't really see who it was, I screamed. My mum asked me if it was dbsk, but it wasn't, because they are in JAPAN.

It looked like f.t island, but not really. BUT it turned out to be them, I think I saw the new member, seunghyun and that was why I wasn't sure if it was f.t island or not.

tada;; heres the video XD

hehe <3>

At the end, [there was another segment where they were in the show] they were given their album [JUMP UP] to the girls, and I was soooo jealous, so I downloaded it off the internet, and listened to those songs, got obsessed with that particular song, and fell in love with jonghun <3>
I was kinda surprised because hongki is the main vocalist.

Oh, and right before this programme, another programmed showed the guy I actually admire. He is so jokes, and I will support him. It is 王祖藍, or WONG CHO LAM. Love that guy.
Let me find one of his mvs~

--it was like a special documentary[?] on him, and this video was actually included;
too jokes. XD

and now;
lets find a picture of jonghun <3

그대 두 눈은 언제나"

Saturday, 11 April 2009


so I was watching the 3rd live tour dvd [again]
and the five in the black special version thing;
and was watching proud;
the one where micky starts to cry and then junsu;
then my sister said the most randomest thing'

"Do you need a tissue, Junsu"

-I started laughing, but she just kept a straight face, and about 10 seconds later; she starts laughing; and I asked 'Why are you laughing?', she goes, 'About what I said before' and me, 'Well, that's a bit late, don't you think.'

Btw if you don't get the whole tissue thing, it was when DBSK went on Channel A, and ate the 5 most spiciest foods in the world; and Junsu was like 'tissue, tissue', and Fukawa [the host] thought he was saying Junsu himself.


and now thats my sister's favourite word atm [yeah, i know, its just the word 'tissue' ¬¬"]; and junsu's her second fav dbsk member, after Jaejoong

Oh, and my cousin came over today; from Gloucester; but he's from HK XD

There was something else too;
OH YEAH, I just found out that the person [岡崎律子] who sang the fruits basket theme song died in 2004; thats really depressing. =/

Let's stay together いつも"

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

shouyu koto <3

Hmmm, I think I'm updating quite frequently nowadays XD

So, nothing special happened today; except I watched 동방 on music lover;
LMAO; Sekine~san comparing 동방 to 'something';

so anyways;
he compares changmin first:
german shepperd
★a 2 year old german shepperd~

★a cheetah

★a weak koala bear in the morning o.O

prairie dog
★a prairie dog who leaves its pack

and finally;
★kuri-mu chi-zu ke-ki; ⇒ cream cheese cake


awww, but the description of him is true though, [kinda]
"If you look at Jaejoong, you will think that he is a very cold person. Very hard to approach. But in reality, after getting to know him, you just want to take care and look after him"
---hm, actually when I first found out about dbsk, I don't think I thought of him as cold;

"Like the first time seeing a cheese cake. It feels like it wouldn't taste good. That you can't accept it. But after you eat it, it is very delicious. Very soft. [weird noise made by Jaejoong] Like cheese. The same as cheese"
---same with this, I think cheese cake looks appetising <3

So they cancel each other out, which means that the cream cheese cake theory still applies to ジェジュン.

the subs;;
credits to : YunhoLoverXD @ youtube XD

OHHH, nearly forgot the yun
jae moment at the end; [even though I ain't a big fan of them, more like a soulmate or jaesu couple]

"しょうゆ こと"

hmm, when I go Japan someday, I wanna get that soy sauce bottle toy that says shoyu koto XD


home alone.

Hmmm; felt like posting today;

Kinda had the whole house to myself'
coz my family went to my uncle's house;
I didn't go though; because I had to revise for gcses;
I kinda did, and kinda didn't, but they won't know.

Anyways, so after I spent my time on soompi reading fanfics and crap;
I went downstairs and started watching my 'TOHOSHINKI 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T~' [lol; just copied the exact title from the box'
It was a good time to watch it, because my brother wasn't here. If he was; he would have said that there were gay, and wouldn't leave the room; [like yesterday ¬¬" when I was watching the "O"-正.反.合 showcase]

I think this is probably the time where I watched the most; because mostly I skip parts when I think my brother will criticize the most on. And OHEMGEE, I just realised the sexiness in junsu and jaejoong's part in choosey lover.

"Choose me baby, uhh" - 준수
"Sexy lady, uhh" - 재중

---that bit starts around 2.23 <3

Even though I wasn't a big fan of that song, and on top of that, I realised that I actually didn't have choosey lover on my itunes. Aish [>.<] and jaejoong 'rocked' his body against the mic stand <3 in the No? perfomance ;; [wait, let me find another video]

---around 1.28 <3

OOOH; people, kinda good news;
I ordered 'Share the World/We are' from CDJAPAN;
first time buying from there; but my mum doesn't know yet >.<

i'm so stupid, you can't see what the times are on the video; so the either i go make the videos a bit bigger, or you can scroll around;
but atm; i'm not bothered; lol;

Choose me baby uh"

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Haven't updated in a while now;

Anyways; today was 清明節 or the ChingMing festival.

Had to go to a chinese temple [?]
and had to visit my grandpa's ashes in the temple.

It wasn't really depressing, but in the car on the way there;
listening to Capital FM 95.8, and suddenly 'I'll be missing you' by P.Diddy and Faith Evans started playing. It was a song to fit the mood, but I'm guessing no one in the car really realise that this song was playing and it kinda actually applied to us.

Yeah, so today was kinda depressing.

But that was only in the morning.

On a much more happier note; i listened to Epik High's new album, and i love it; even though I would have liked more songs like Fan, One, where they sing. LMAO; did anyone listen to the skit thing, customer service, wasn't the guy on the phone chinese?
It was pretty jokes;


Monday, 16 March 2009


mang. today was interesting;
doing german homework atm;
brb XD

mang. today i received my cds from yesasia XD

mirotic version c XD
heart, mind and soul

survivor cd XD

yeah,, i know im kinda late with heart mind and soul, ive already got their songs on my ipod, but decided that i should buy their album XD and yes, i absolutely love that japanese album;

mirotic version c; i've already got version a, but i desperately needed this because of those 4 songs, and the photo booklet;
-- oh, and because i was bored [ahem] i counted how many photos there were of each memeber;
-jaejoong: 29

-junsu: 28
-yoochun: 26

-yunho: 24

-changmin: 24
[actually theres two more photos, but i cant identify which memeber it is;
also theres one with eunhyuk [suju] and shinee in it XD]

and then BAM.
the survivor CD; i kinda regretting not buying the CD & DVD one, as well, but if my mum found out that i basically kinda bought two things which were the same, then i would've been screwed at >.<
mang. i asked my brother to see if there was a jacket card in there, and he said no. ¬¬'
but then he says 'stephanie' 'yeah' 'i'm just joking, its here, and he takes it out from under the duvet' yep he was kinda sleeping.

and BOOM.

i screamed when i saw the card.
it was the one and only :

hmmm,, if you don't know yet, my ranking of dbsk members are;
영웅재중~~ <3
★then the rest of the members in no particular order.

Tbh, after my brother kinda scared me buy saying I didn't get a card, and then I did, I was just happy enough I got a card, but I never thought it would have been jaejoong's. This was because the other singles I bought ==> I never got a card.

So my first card was jaejoong.
I was content. LOL;

---keke; me with the card. he is too fit, and im not, thats why i crossed out my face. lmao;

I have so many more other DBSK merchandises to buy. But I might do that after my exams, and when I'm in HK [summer]; because they should have dbsk is music stores, righT? and that i don't have to order online.

tbh, i haven't been a fan for a long time, and the full albums i need to get are.:
★rising sun

★five in the black

★the secret code

---if i'm that desperate, i might buy other versions of the albums;

---oh and i'm gonna buy the singles; especially the 'TRICK' singles.

---and all the other old school singles XD
but i think imma become broke after that T_T oh well. and mang. i've realised that i've written a lot. i think.

so sayonara~~~~[lmao, reminds me of 'kiss shita mama, sayonara']

I have so many more other DBSK merchandises to buy. But I might do that after my exams, and when I'm in HK [summer]; because they should have dbsk is music stores, righT? and that i don't have to order online. tbh, i haven't been a fan for a long time, and the full albums i need to get are: tri-angle
rising sun

five in the black

the secret code

---if i'm that desperate, i might buy other versions of the albums;

---oh and i'm gonna buy the singles; especially the 'TRICK' singles.

---and all the other old school singles XD
but i think imma become broke after that T_T oh well. and mang. i've realised that i've written a lot. i think.

so sayonara~~~~[lmao, reminds me of 'kiss shita mama, sayonara']

just take your hands now"

Friday, 13 March 2009

sorry, sorry ...

ooooh,, the mv was released today;
friday the 13th.

anyhoos, here it is

HMMM,, not seeing a lot of kibum in there >.<
but OMFG, yehsung <3

im sure something else happened today; just can't seem to remem----
oooh, it was red nose day today;
own clothes for school. how exciting.

ooh, and my new found love called alice nine.
amaaaziing <3
loving a song called rosario. XD
心に One Smile"

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

kiss the baby sky.

AHHHH,, kiss the baby sky pv is out today XD
looks so good XD

OHEMGEE, i'm in love with super junior's new song;

[Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
내가 내가 내가 먼저
네게 네게 네게 빠져
빠져 빠져 버려 baby]

hmmmm,, think i might buy the album XD
along with the secret code XD;
yep, i haven't pre-ordered yet T_T
no money on my card >.<

anyways, toodle-loo,,
i need to write up my german orals o_______o

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry"

Monday, 23 February 2009

- 학교でした。 =.=


it's school again.
the day went by soooo slowly.
luckily i had private study at the end of the day, ...
but still ...

it was dayuum boring.

ooh, but something interesting happened today XD

DBSK - new mv out!
-loving the song atm;

ehh, but the video -____________-
was a bit . . . bleh;
the choreography
doesn't seem as "wow" as mirotic or purple line';
maybe it's because it's a japanese director.
who knows.
but i love bolero though.

here it is XD;


Sunday, 22 February 2009


HEY ^^
first post XD
thought i should have a blog, lmao;

nothing interesting;
except its eomma's saeng il today XD

hmm, for the first time, like ever;
my dad bought a cake for her;
but technically it was under me and my brother's guidance XD

forget to say,
has anyone heard of the chinese version of better in time by leona lewis?
i saw a clip of it on tv;
but dunno the name of the song;
i think, it might be by sherman chung [鍾舒漫];
but it might not be right; >.<" anyways; toodle-doo;
im off to eat my wonton noodles XD


"너무 반짝 반짝 눈이 부셔"