Saturday, 4 April 2009


Haven't updated in a while now;

Anyways; today was 清明節 or the ChingMing festival.

Had to go to a chinese temple [?]
and had to visit my grandpa's ashes in the temple.

It wasn't really depressing, but in the car on the way there;
listening to Capital FM 95.8, and suddenly 'I'll be missing you' by P.Diddy and Faith Evans started playing. It was a song to fit the mood, but I'm guessing no one in the car really realise that this song was playing and it kinda actually applied to us.

Yeah, so today was kinda depressing.

But that was only in the morning.

On a much more happier note; i listened to Epik High's new album, and i love it; even though I would have liked more songs like Fan, One, where they sing. LMAO; did anyone listen to the skit thing, customer service, wasn't the guy on the phone chinese?
It was pretty jokes;


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