Tuesday, 7 April 2009

home alone.

Hmmm; felt like posting today;

Kinda had the whole house to myself'
coz my family went to my uncle's house;
I didn't go though; because I had to revise for gcses;
I kinda did, and kinda didn't, but they won't know.

Anyways, so after I spent my time on soompi reading fanfics and crap;
I went downstairs and started watching my 'TOHOSHINKI 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T~' [lol; just copied the exact title from the box'
It was a good time to watch it, because my brother wasn't here. If he was; he would have said that there were gay, and wouldn't leave the room; [like yesterday ¬¬" when I was watching the "O"-正.反.合 showcase]

I think this is probably the time where I watched the most; because mostly I skip parts when I think my brother will criticize the most on. And OHEMGEE, I just realised the sexiness in junsu and jaejoong's part in choosey lover.

"Choose me baby, uhh" - 준수
"Sexy lady, uhh" - 재중

---that bit starts around 2.23 <3

Even though I wasn't a big fan of that song, and on top of that, I realised that I actually didn't have choosey lover on my itunes. Aish [>.<] and jaejoong 'rocked' his body against the mic stand <3 in the No? perfomance ;; [wait, let me find another video]

---around 1.28 <3

OOOH; people, kinda good news;
I ordered 'Share the World/We are' from CDJAPAN;
first time buying from there; but my mum doesn't know yet >.<

i'm so stupid, you can't see what the times are on the video; so the either i go make the videos a bit bigger, or you can scroll around;
but atm; i'm not bothered; lol;

Choose me baby uh"

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