Monday, 23 February 2009

- 학교でした。 =.=


it's school again.
the day went by soooo slowly.
luckily i had private study at the end of the day, ...
but still ...

it was dayuum boring.

ooh, but something interesting happened today XD

DBSK - new mv out!
-loving the song atm;

ehh, but the video -____________-
was a bit . . . bleh;
the choreography
doesn't seem as "wow" as mirotic or purple line';
maybe it's because it's a japanese director.
who knows.
but i love bolero though.

here it is XD;


Sunday, 22 February 2009


HEY ^^
first post XD
thought i should have a blog, lmao;

nothing interesting;
except its eomma's saeng il today XD

hmm, for the first time, like ever;
my dad bought a cake for her;
but technically it was under me and my brother's guidance XD

forget to say,
has anyone heard of the chinese version of better in time by leona lewis?
i saw a clip of it on tv;
but dunno the name of the song;
i think, it might be by sherman chung [鍾舒漫];
but it might not be right; >.<" anyways; toodle-doo;
im off to eat my wonton noodles XD


"너무 반짝 반짝 눈이 부셔"