Tuesday, 22 December 2009

lobster party && 打邊爐

before it's the 23rd >_____________<
lobster partyyy xD
in chinatown xD

meeh, i didn't take any photos though; had my phone but its only 2mp ...

most of the photos are on facebook;
we celebrated selina's birthay this day; with a cake from patisserie valerie xD
it was £30, and we had to split the costs along with the camera, so it was roughly £10 each ...

here is the cake for selina ~

the day of the 打邊爐 ~

we had to spend money on the birthday gifts & birthday cake for wing & sally ~
and money for the food T__________T"

and here's the cake for sally & WHLiu [kekeke]
i'm so fat ¬¬"

Because these 2 events were asian, we played big 2 most the time, and mahjong at wing's place.

Wing said that after meeting at 12, and buying the food & etc in china town we would get to his house around 2~ish, and Sky randomly said, lets get there at 1:59PM ^^

We also left his house at 9:59PM, because Wing said he would kick us out at 10 ~

oh, and throughout the day we were constantly playing korean songs ^^

listen to my heartbeat ~~♫


[p.s. the photos were taken off facebook from my awesome friends] 


Jin said...

i love fruit cake O_O

Lai Ying said...

wow im so hungry...