Saturday, 12 December 2009


ahhhh, got a C1? mock next monday ... not a proper one, only from chapter 2 to 5 ;
and a biology exam >___________<

I dissected a sheep's  heart yesterday, it was all good fun; and to be honest, it felt like a lump of meat ¬¬"
but I wasn't able to dissect a dead rat though, I saw the pictures and I felt sick, they had screwdrivers holding the arms and legs down ... my other friend who didn't dissect the rat with me, couldn't take the heart dissection yesterday >____< I thought it'd be bad and disgusting but it was all, except for the fact the heart was freezing cold. Also my friend's dead rat had 8 babies waiting to be born T____T" [I can't believe they gave her a dead pregnant rat.]

I have a feeling I did quite well[?] in my physics ISA, but I could be wrong, the smart people in my class found it a bit hard >_____<

I am gonna spend a lot this christmas >_________<
Got to buy;;
☆a wallet for a friend [even though he doesn't want it ¬¬"]
☆chip in £10 for a instax camera for a friend's bday
☆chip in £? for another friend's bday
☆might spend some more if i'm buying christmas presents for friends ...
☆and £5-£10 for a secret santa present ~

Even with EMA, I fail with money. Even if it's not a lot.

[oh, and possibly save up for a summer'1o trip to hong kong/korea/japan with the lovely chinese school standing crew ^^, except i'm sure that will fail like any other plans i've made to go to those countries... ]

Can't wait for my half day this tuesday xD
Awards ceremony at my school, and sixth formers don't have to go.
Also a half day on friday xD Last day of term, might go ice skating [more money to be spent .___. ]

[picture from photobucket]
[dammit, the picture got deleted ¬¬"
and that was such a beautiful picture of him T___________T"]
This guy is my new love <3333
apart from jaejoong [who will always be my love ^^]
He is Jung Yonghwa from the band C.N.Blue and the amaaaazing drama 'You're Beautiful'
I still have to finish watching it >______< he's amaaazing, but I already know that the Minam is gonna end up with Taekyung [the second dude never gets the girl in a k drama ...]

Sad atm, because I heard that bigeastation was gonna end, that means no more junko >______<
and their random talks  =[