Monday, 14 December 2009


Did the C1 mock test today ^^
it wasn't proper though ....
Also my friend from chinese school in yr11 is doing his C1 in January, while I'm doing mine in June [only because my school doesn't do modules... ] Can't believe some yr 11 is gonna take their C1 before me ¬¬"

Anddddd.... I got 34 on my physics ISA. [out of 41 ... ]
my teacher used the boundaries from last year's papers; and 34 is just a B. =|
37 and over is an A.
Was kinda happy, because out of all my practices I never got this high anyways ... never knew that the ISA boundaries this year compared to GCSE is this high.
Must try harder. ¬¬"

Oh, and I've got a confirmation letter from Zipia, saying they have received my payment ^^
Hopefully they get my stuff and send it off soon =]

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