Wednesday, 29 April 2009

cds, dvds, etc.

AHHHH; no time at the moment;
but i'll be back and update this post along with the others XD

mental note to self: this post is about the cds received, and the love for yesasia XD

広がってゆく Funkination"

Monday, 27 April 2009


save this post for today XD

a special day in my heart <3

The fourth year since they debuted in Japan.
I am so proud of them; and they're already on the fourth album XD

I hope their live tour will be a success;
and when it comes out on DVD, I will definitely buy it to support them;
just don't know if I could buy the Japan version =.=
---japanese version is the most expensive out of their merchandise;

oh wells, when the time comes, I will decide;
and I will definitely buy the MIROTIC live tour as well XD

사랑해 사랑해 널 사랑해 "

Sunday, 26 April 2009

share the world.

guess what people XD
i received my CD + DVD share the world single from CDJAPAN;
first time buying from them XD;

i'll upload pictures later;

the outside XD

the inside XD

and the card~~~

its YUNHO <3>I don't really mind getting this card, although I really wanted Jaejoong >.<>
I;m still content XD

あの大空に 届くまで "

Friday, 17 April 2009

choi jong hun <3

i'm in love with CHOI JONG HUN now, from FTISLAND.

I think it was because I feell in love with his voice in 그대와 나 [one of their songs from their mini album]

Oh, and because they were on TVB[chinese channel], 首爾分高下 BOOM BOOM BA SEOUL SPECIAL;
Lol, it was really funny, because I was already excited that it was in korea, then at the start of the program,they said something like 'get to know korean music' so I was bare hyped, then a screenshot of 5 korean boys flashed past, and eventhough I couldn't really see who it was, I screamed. My mum asked me if it was dbsk, but it wasn't, because they are in JAPAN.

It looked like f.t island, but not really. BUT it turned out to be them, I think I saw the new member, seunghyun and that was why I wasn't sure if it was f.t island or not.

tada;; heres the video XD

hehe <3>

At the end, [there was another segment where they were in the show] they were given their album [JUMP UP] to the girls, and I was soooo jealous, so I downloaded it off the internet, and listened to those songs, got obsessed with that particular song, and fell in love with jonghun <3>
I was kinda surprised because hongki is the main vocalist.

Oh, and right before this programme, another programmed showed the guy I actually admire. He is so jokes, and I will support him. It is 王祖藍, or WONG CHO LAM. Love that guy.
Let me find one of his mvs~

--it was like a special documentary[?] on him, and this video was actually included;
too jokes. XD

and now;
lets find a picture of jonghun <3

그대 두 눈은 언제나"

Saturday, 11 April 2009


so I was watching the 3rd live tour dvd [again]
and the five in the black special version thing;
and was watching proud;
the one where micky starts to cry and then junsu;
then my sister said the most randomest thing'

"Do you need a tissue, Junsu"

-I started laughing, but she just kept a straight face, and about 10 seconds later; she starts laughing; and I asked 'Why are you laughing?', she goes, 'About what I said before' and me, 'Well, that's a bit late, don't you think.'

Btw if you don't get the whole tissue thing, it was when DBSK went on Channel A, and ate the 5 most spiciest foods in the world; and Junsu was like 'tissue, tissue', and Fukawa [the host] thought he was saying Junsu himself.


and now thats my sister's favourite word atm [yeah, i know, its just the word 'tissue' ¬¬"]; and junsu's her second fav dbsk member, after Jaejoong

Oh, and my cousin came over today; from Gloucester; but he's from HK XD

There was something else too;
OH YEAH, I just found out that the person [岡崎律子] who sang the fruits basket theme song died in 2004; thats really depressing. =/

Let's stay together いつも"

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

shouyu koto <3

Hmmm, I think I'm updating quite frequently nowadays XD

So, nothing special happened today; except I watched 동방 on music lover;
LMAO; Sekine~san comparing 동방 to 'something';

so anyways;
he compares changmin first:
german shepperd
★a 2 year old german shepperd~

★a cheetah

★a weak koala bear in the morning o.O

prairie dog
★a prairie dog who leaves its pack

and finally;
★kuri-mu chi-zu ke-ki; ⇒ cream cheese cake


awww, but the description of him is true though, [kinda]
"If you look at Jaejoong, you will think that he is a very cold person. Very hard to approach. But in reality, after getting to know him, you just want to take care and look after him"
---hm, actually when I first found out about dbsk, I don't think I thought of him as cold;

"Like the first time seeing a cheese cake. It feels like it wouldn't taste good. That you can't accept it. But after you eat it, it is very delicious. Very soft. [weird noise made by Jaejoong] Like cheese. The same as cheese"
---same with this, I think cheese cake looks appetising <3

So they cancel each other out, which means that the cream cheese cake theory still applies to ジェジュン.

the subs;;
credits to : YunhoLoverXD @ youtube XD

OHHH, nearly forgot the yun
jae moment at the end; [even though I ain't a big fan of them, more like a soulmate or jaesu couple]

"しょうゆ こと"

hmm, when I go Japan someday, I wanna get that soy sauce bottle toy that says shoyu koto XD


home alone.

Hmmm; felt like posting today;

Kinda had the whole house to myself'
coz my family went to my uncle's house;
I didn't go though; because I had to revise for gcses;
I kinda did, and kinda didn't, but they won't know.

Anyways, so after I spent my time on soompi reading fanfics and crap;
I went downstairs and started watching my 'TOHOSHINKI 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~ T~' [lol; just copied the exact title from the box'
It was a good time to watch it, because my brother wasn't here. If he was; he would have said that there were gay, and wouldn't leave the room; [like yesterday ¬¬" when I was watching the "O"-正.反.合 showcase]

I think this is probably the time where I watched the most; because mostly I skip parts when I think my brother will criticize the most on. And OHEMGEE, I just realised the sexiness in junsu and jaejoong's part in choosey lover.

"Choose me baby, uhh" - 준수
"Sexy lady, uhh" - 재중

---that bit starts around 2.23 <3

Even though I wasn't a big fan of that song, and on top of that, I realised that I actually didn't have choosey lover on my itunes. Aish [>.<] and jaejoong 'rocked' his body against the mic stand <3 in the No? perfomance ;; [wait, let me find another video]

---around 1.28 <3

OOOH; people, kinda good news;
I ordered 'Share the World/We are' from CDJAPAN;
first time buying from there; but my mum doesn't know yet >.<

i'm so stupid, you can't see what the times are on the video; so the either i go make the videos a bit bigger, or you can scroll around;
but atm; i'm not bothered; lol;

Choose me baby uh"

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Haven't updated in a while now;

Anyways; today was 清明節 or the ChingMing festival.

Had to go to a chinese temple [?]
and had to visit my grandpa's ashes in the temple.

It wasn't really depressing, but in the car on the way there;
listening to Capital FM 95.8, and suddenly 'I'll be missing you' by P.Diddy and Faith Evans started playing. It was a song to fit the mood, but I'm guessing no one in the car really realise that this song was playing and it kinda actually applied to us.

Yeah, so today was kinda depressing.

But that was only in the morning.

On a much more happier note; i listened to Epik High's new album, and i love it; even though I would have liked more songs like Fan, One, where they sing. LMAO; did anyone listen to the skit thing, customer service, wasn't the guy on the phone chinese?
It was pretty jokes;