Tuesday, 7 April 2009

shouyu koto <3

Hmmm, I think I'm updating quite frequently nowadays XD

So, nothing special happened today; except I watched 동방 on music lover;
LMAO; Sekine~san comparing 동방 to 'something';

so anyways;
he compares changmin first:
german shepperd
★a 2 year old german shepperd~

★a cheetah

★a weak koala bear in the morning o.O

prairie dog
★a prairie dog who leaves its pack

and finally;
★kuri-mu chi-zu ke-ki; ⇒ cream cheese cake


awww, but the description of him is true though, [kinda]
"If you look at Jaejoong, you will think that he is a very cold person. Very hard to approach. But in reality, after getting to know him, you just want to take care and look after him"
---hm, actually when I first found out about dbsk, I don't think I thought of him as cold;

"Like the first time seeing a cheese cake. It feels like it wouldn't taste good. That you can't accept it. But after you eat it, it is very delicious. Very soft. [weird noise made by Jaejoong] Like cheese. The same as cheese"
---same with this, I think cheese cake looks appetising <3

So they cancel each other out, which means that the cream cheese cake theory still applies to ジェジュン.

the subs;;
credits to : YunhoLoverXD @ youtube XD

OHHH, nearly forgot the yun
jae moment at the end; [even though I ain't a big fan of them, more like a soulmate or jaesu couple]

"しょうゆ こと"

hmm, when I go Japan someday, I wanna get that soy sauce bottle toy that says shoyu koto XD


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