Saturday, 11 April 2009


so I was watching the 3rd live tour dvd [again]
and the five in the black special version thing;
and was watching proud;
the one where micky starts to cry and then junsu;
then my sister said the most randomest thing'

"Do you need a tissue, Junsu"

-I started laughing, but she just kept a straight face, and about 10 seconds later; she starts laughing; and I asked 'Why are you laughing?', she goes, 'About what I said before' and me, 'Well, that's a bit late, don't you think.'

Btw if you don't get the whole tissue thing, it was when DBSK went on Channel A, and ate the 5 most spiciest foods in the world; and Junsu was like 'tissue, tissue', and Fukawa [the host] thought he was saying Junsu himself.


and now thats my sister's favourite word atm [yeah, i know, its just the word 'tissue' ¬¬"]; and junsu's her second fav dbsk member, after Jaejoong

Oh, and my cousin came over today; from Gloucester; but he's from HK XD

There was something else too;
OH YEAH, I just found out that the person [岡崎律子] who sang the fruits basket theme song died in 2004; thats really depressing. =/

Let's stay together いつも"

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