Friday, 12 June 2009


my mum came down;
quite an achievement;
she said something about if you stay up you will age quickly;
and she went back to sleep.

oh wells.

sleep deprived.

it is now o4:17am in the morning, as the clock states in the right bottom corner of my laptop. xD

now it's o4:18~

i wonder how long i can stay awake until my mum wakes up and shouts at me.

last time, it was around 5 something xD
but that was because i was in my brother/cousin's room.
haha. i was watching pimp my ride on mtv, and playing the computer while they were sleeping.
eh. unfortunately my mum woke up to go to the toilet, and she found me still awake =___=
my plan would have worked if he didn't need to go to the toilet.

it's not like i;m not doing anything productive.
i'm revising physics xD
oh yeah. i'm sooo cool ^^
for once i'm not procrastinating.

hmmm. maybe i just function well in the early morning xD
because i can't actually revise until around 9pm.

normal routine~
wake up;
go to school;
come back from school;
------------------- [after this part => second half of daily routine xD]
homework/ revision;
and maybe if i have time, then internet again xD

so in my daily life, i procrastinate alot[?]
if i'm on holiday or something; i would still keep the second part of my routine the same, in the morning i would probably sleep until 11am or something;
then eat;
internet and then add that to the second part. and that;s my life really.

oh wells.
i don't have an exam tomorrow; which is good, or else i wouldn't be up this late =____="

and now i'm having a break from revising.
but my exam is not until 2 weeks later.
i find this is quite an achievement; i've never revised that early in advance. which is kinda bad. and even worse, because it's towards the end of my gcses.

oh, and because this post is kinda boring. i thought it might 'spice' it up a bit if i put a picture of jaesu up


just look at the intimacy between them;
and are they holding hands?
this is just blantant proof.
forget all the other amazing proof on yunjae.

JAESU is .

i think i'm rambling on a bit too much.
maybe because i need sleep?
haha. not really, because i got out of bed yesterday at 3:30pm. ahaha. even my brother and sister came home from school.
so technically staying up this late is not really bad.
just shifting my daily routine a few hours late. ^^

and i'm just listening away to my DBSK songs xD
slightly depressed atm; because kiss shita mama sayonara has been played at least thrice in the last hour. and it's on shuffle. although i do love that song.

and i realised i just wrote a lot of crap writing. which makes sense.
and i don't actually wanna stop.
i like the tapping noises on the laptop as i type away.

hmmmm.. i think i should stop now.
oh wells.
good night. xD
minna san~ oyasuminasai ~ [feeling in a japanese mode?]
but i'm not technically gonna sleep yet.
kinda bored actually.
no new updated statuses on facebook. i think it's mainly because no one's online.
i thought about playing restaurant city, but technically i don't have to do anything, just make them either be a cooker or a waiter or sometimes a cleaner, move the furniture which is blocking the door, and off it goes.

it's o4:40am.
woah. it's been atleast 20 minutes since i started this post.
did i really type 20 minutes worth of writing?

eh. i;m kinda bored now.
i think imma go make some of the texts be all pretty and colourful. be right back.

aish. it's 4:51am atm.
i'm sure i didn't spend 10 minutes just 'colouring' in the text.

wow. and i've just realised that HUG in nihongo doesn't really sound weird.
the international version on the other hand . . .
let's just say i haven't even finished listening to the whole song.

oh yeah.
and after watching dbsk on oshareism for the nth time;
i've realised that i really like yoochun's bag.
i even googled it on google [well duh...]
and it's quite expensive T-T"
it's from a company called ALVIERO MARTINI.
the name sounds impressive already~
so i should start saving up;

and for the mirotic 4th live tour concert dvd and the secret code 4th live tour when it comes out;
even though i;ve already seen the mirotic one on youtube. not the full version though. because all of it wasn;t shown on that japanese channel. that did that on purpose, so we must buy the dvd to see the rest. quite a good plan for getting money from SM.
i swear i'm gonna be so poor because of the marketing strategies from SMent.

and now it's 5:06am.
after writing that second part, and 'colouring' it in as well.