Friday, 17 April 2009

choi jong hun <3

i'm in love with CHOI JONG HUN now, from FTISLAND.

I think it was because I feell in love with his voice in 그대와 나 [one of their songs from their mini album]

Oh, and because they were on TVB[chinese channel], 首爾分高下 BOOM BOOM BA SEOUL SPECIAL;
Lol, it was really funny, because I was already excited that it was in korea, then at the start of the program,they said something like 'get to know korean music' so I was bare hyped, then a screenshot of 5 korean boys flashed past, and eventhough I couldn't really see who it was, I screamed. My mum asked me if it was dbsk, but it wasn't, because they are in JAPAN.

It looked like f.t island, but not really. BUT it turned out to be them, I think I saw the new member, seunghyun and that was why I wasn't sure if it was f.t island or not.

tada;; heres the video XD

hehe <3>

At the end, [there was another segment where they were in the show] they were given their album [JUMP UP] to the girls, and I was soooo jealous, so I downloaded it off the internet, and listened to those songs, got obsessed with that particular song, and fell in love with jonghun <3>
I was kinda surprised because hongki is the main vocalist.

Oh, and right before this programme, another programmed showed the guy I actually admire. He is so jokes, and I will support him. It is 王祖藍, or WONG CHO LAM. Love that guy.
Let me find one of his mvs~

--it was like a special documentary[?] on him, and this video was actually included;
too jokes. XD

and now;
lets find a picture of jonghun <3

그대 두 눈은 언제나"

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