Monday, 14 December 2009


。。。for the rest of the year;
dec. 15th  ___ half day; enfield town possibly [need to get bday present ~] [oxford str. instead]
dec. 18th  ___ last day of school; ice skating at ally pally possibly nada. too cold >_____<
dec. 20th  ___ last day of chinese school; selina's lobster party sik fan in chinatown
dec. 21st  ___ possibly westfield with buana && ryssa; need to make up for friday ~
dec. 22nd ___ hotpot/mahjong; 打邊爐/打麻將 at WHLiu's place.
dec. 25th  ___ sik fan at 麻麻's house ^^
dec. 26th  ___ uncle's house. western dinner ^^

dec. 28th  ___ somewhere with laiying possibly went china town ^^
dec. 31st  ___ go central? fireworks maybe?

[and do mechanics/physics all the other days] 

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